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3K Race (14 and Under)

Age Class Information

The youth 3k race (1.86 miles) has the following age classes with a boys and girls category in each:

  • Primary: 8 and under

  • Bantam: 9 and 10

  • Midget: 11 and 12

  • Youth: 13 and 14

Note:  Age classes based on the athlete's age as of the Festival event date.

There will be three youth races. All Bantam and Primary classes will run together and the Midget and Youth classes will run together by gender. 



Awards will be given by gender/age class.  Trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each class.

First place medals for the following teams:

  • Boys 10 and under

  • Girls 10 and under

  • Boys 11 to 14

  • Girls 11 to 14

Additional Information

Mile markers and time splits provided.

The course starts on an open field that leads to a gravel road and a trail through the woods.  The course returns to the fields and then finishes with 300 meters on the track. 

Click here for a course map.

A water station will be included in the 3k race.

Coaches will be able to see the athletes throughout the majority of the course.  The course also provides a number of opportunities to communicate with your athletes during the race.

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