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5K Race (Open)

Age Class Information

Due to the success of the race and in response to suggestions from participants, we have made some changes to the open 5K race.  We are splitting the 5K event into two races, by gender. We have also made some enhancements to the course.  

Race times are now 10:30AM for the women's 5K and 11:15AM for the men's 5K.

The open 5K race has the following age classes:

  • 15 - 39

  • 40 - 49

  • 50 - 59

  • 60 and Over


Gift certificates will be awarded to the top three finishers overall and the top finishers in each class. 

Team Awards!  To add to the excitement of the event, we have decided to include team scoring. Team awards for the top male and female teams. 


The following rules will apply to teams:

  • Only teams with a minimum of five runners will be counted in the team scoring. 

  • A maximum of ten runners can be included on a team.

  • The top five runners for each team will count in the scoring. 

  • For teams with more than five runners, the sixth and seventh runners (by finish position) will be given a place score but the score will not be included in the team total.  The place score for these additional runners will affect the team score of runners finishing after them.

  • Runners finishing eighth and above for a team will not be included in team scoring.

  • Teams must be made up of runners of the same gender.

  • Teams must be identified at registration. 


Additional Information

Mile markers and time splits are provided.

The course includes a variety of surfaces.  The race starts on an open field with short grass.  From the fields the course leads onto a gravel drive and then onto a trail through the woods.  There are hills on the trail.  The trail drops back out onto a field.   The field path leads back to the track and the last 150 meters is flat sprint to the finish! 


Click here for a course map.


Water station is included in the 5k race.


Spikes are OK.  None of the course is on pavement.


No rollerblades or baby joggers. 


No running with dogs.

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