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About the Event


The Wayland XC Festival was created by runners, for runners and to benefit runners. 

The main objective of this event is to promote fitness in children and adults.  This is a true cross-country event, with a variety of terrain and surfaces.  The Wayland XC Festival exposes athletes to the enjoyment and challenge of cross-country running.  By providing an exciting event, we hope to help athletes "catch the running bug."  We are especially looking to attract young runners to the sport.

Both courses end on the track, providing for an exciting finish.  The courses include grassy fields and wooded trails.  There are a few short, but challenging hills.  The courses are well-marked and we have race marshals situated throughout to provide split times and assistance.   A water station is provided mid-way through the 5k course.

This is also a fun event for spectators.  Spectators and coaches can see the runners for large parts of the races.  Coaches can easily communicate with their athletes at a number of points in the races.

The Wayland XC Festival has been chosen again to be part of the USATF-NE Grand Prix. This is a testament to the high quality of this event as only the best races in New England are chosen for this series.

Running is a great life sport.  Cross-country is an excellent way to enjoy it!  From beginners to seasoned veterans, this is an event for you.

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